Seasonal Binders

I am to the point in my planning where I am beyond the overview stage, but not to the individual block/daily main lesson stage. This week, I have been focusing on the months as a whole and plugging in movement, verses, handwork and other projects that I want to remember. I find as the school year goes on, my focus becomes limited to our main lessons and I forget all the other things that are so important. This year, I am trying to make some lists, because if I write something down, I am much more likely to not only remember something, but also to do it.

One way I have been able to organize all of the monthly/seasonal material I have accumulated is to make seasonal binders: one for autumn, one for winter and one for spring. Each binder is divided into 4 months, with a tab for each month. This is where I keep copies of our previous circle times, verses, songs and poetry, festival information, craft ideas, printouts from blogs and yahoo groups, recipes, stories and tear sheets from magazines. I use clear plastic slip sheets to hold patterns, scraps of fabric and yarn, paper decorations and stencils. I also have sticky notes with links, references in books and random ideas that I come across. I store old watercolor paintings in the binders too – especially ones for cutting. Green ones go in March for St. Patrick’s Day or December for Christmas. Orange and yellow can go in October. You get the idea. Oh, and I also keep back issues of Living Crafts magazines in the binders. (Have you seen the latest issue? I love that magazine and look forward to every issue.)

Any organizing or planning tips on your blog? Do share.

4 thoughts on “Seasonal Binders

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