Planning 6/18 – 6/26

I didn’t expect to do much planning while I was out of town, but I have not had good luck with novels lately. I am glad I grabbed Donna Simmons’ Living Language as we were leaving for the airport, because it was better reading than the book I brought to read on the plane. As I say here, this is my favorite Waldorf homeschooling resource. It is expensive ($110 + shipping), but well worth the money in my opinion. I find it to be inspirational as well as practical, covering grades 1-5 with a thorough overview of language arts: handwriting, composition, reading, spelling, grammar, recitation and more. I purchased my copy of Living Language last summer, and I can honestly say Donna Simmons’ suggestions and encouragement had the biggest impact on our daily rhythm this past year. Specifically, her words helped me to devote time every day for reading aloud and also to incorporate much more poetry, both reading and recitation, into our circle time and blocks. I plan to take even more of her advice this coming year.

In this early planning post, I talked about using blue post-its to mark pages for grade 5 and green for grade 1. I have since added pink post-its for me to flag sections I want to go back and re-read. As you can see from the photo above, I marked this book up while I was in Boston! The book suggestions per block and per grade are fantastic. I have a long list for both grades that I will evaluate and cull as the summer progresses. I will see what resources are available within our library system, which ones I want to purchase and which ones I want to keep in my back pocket if a certain subject really sparks some interest. Of course all of these wonderful suggestions make me want to do nothing but the story part of the curriculum for both grades next year, and I will be careful to follow up this week’s planning with some math or science.

Thanks to a flight delay and some rerouting once we were airborne for home, I found time to write down goals for both the boys and myself. I have some academic goals, personal goals, new chores and responsibilities. I have also been meditating on the spiritual and life goals I would like to see manifest this year. They are still too amorphous to share, but I am making progress by refining them and making them more and more concrete.

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3 thoughts on “Planning 6/18 – 6/26

  1. Hi Sheila! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I responded today and popped over here to let you know. I’m very glad to see this post. I never purchased Living Language, but it has been on my mind as a resource worth having. I’m glad to have read your comments. Best, Rachel

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