A Corner of One’s Own

It seems to happen every spring. Just as we are coasting toward the end of our homeschool year, I have the urge to completely redo our school room. I really try to talk myself out of it: “Just wait until June! You can clear out all the old stuff and set up for the new year.” This never works. I don’t know, I may just need a little something to get me through to the end – because, honestly, there is no “coasting”. So better this, than deciding to change curricula or something.

I moved my desk (which is really a door and legs from IKEA) from one corner of the school room to the other. It is tucked under the stairs now and feels really cozy. I made the fancy skirt out of an old sheet and some trim I had. (I won’t tell you what I’m storing underneath – I’m saving that for another post.) I am trying to keep my space clean and uncluttered – with just the things that I actually use in reach.

Ultimately, I’m hoping that the pretty setting will get my butt in the chair and do some planning that I need to do! We’ll see.

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