What’s in a name?

“Sure as the world”, he says. It rolls off his tongue in that mountain way that is becoming rarer and rarer around here. My neighbor was telling me a story of when he used to ride bulls in high school. He had snuck out to ride while his mother was at the grocery store. As it goes with bull riding, disobeying mothers, and a teenaged boy’s mind, things didn’t go as planned. He was thrown from the bull and lay on the ground unable to move. All he could think about was getting home before his mother returned. A friend of his was there with him, looked him in the eye and said, “Sure as the world.” My neighbor stopped the story there, looked me in the eye, and repeated the phrase, “Sure as the world.” For some reason, those words have stayed with me like a talisman. To me they convey a promise, something solid, a place to stand.

I spend my days homeshooling and homemaking, two solid and promising places I have found to stand. Both have allowed me to become more of who I already was and more of who I want to be. I hope to bring some quiet recollection and honest reflection to this space on a regular basis. I hope to bring my voice to the ongoing story of raising a family and keeping a sense of self. This is not easy, however you choose to do it. Right now I’m choosing to do it by slowing down, listening more and talking less. It has taken me a while to get to this quieter, slower place – but I am glad I am here now.

Sure as the world.

5 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

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  4. “Both (homeschooling and homemaking) have allowed me to become more of who I already was and more of who I want to be.” Yes! So true. These words really resonated with me as I feel the exact same. Thanks for sharing.

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