Sunday Selections


Sitting, facing the sun, eyes closed. I can hear the
sun. I can hear the bird life all around for miles.
It flies through us and around us, it takes up all
space, as if we were not there, as if we had never
interrupted this place. The birds move diorami-
cally through our heads, from ear to ear. What
are they doing, singing in this luminous fall. It is
marvelous to be so alone, the two of us, in this
garden desert. Forgotten, but remembering
ourselves as no one will ever remember us. The
space between the trees, the bare ground-sand
between them, you can see the land’s skin which
is so much home. We cannot buy or sell this
marvelous day. I can hear the sun and, within
the sun, the wind which comes out of the world’s
lungs from immeasurable depth; we catch only
a distant echo. Beyond the birds there are per-
sons carrying their names like great weights.
Just think: carrying X your whole life, or Y, or Z.
Carrying all that A and B and C around with you,
having to be A all the time, B, or C. Here you can
be the sun, the pine, the bird. You can be the
breathing. I can tell you, I think this may be
Eden. I think it is.

- Nathaniel Tarn, “Before the Snake”

Simple Homeschool!


Hey . . .  If you found your way here from Simple Homeschool, welcome. My name is Sheila. I live in a small town in western NC where I homeschool my two boys with Waldorf inspired methods. This blog is one of my favorite places. The friendships and connections I have made here have changed me. Blogging has made the world smaller, kinder, more intimate, with more magic and grace than I could ever imagine. If you are inspired, please leave a comment and/or subscribe to my blog. I’d like to get to know you too.

I wanted to give you two links to other posts that will provide a good idea about how I approach homeschooling. One is a blog series that focuses on our inner work as mothers. You can find, From Wholeness, here. This is a workbook/guidebook of sorts to help keep the most important things in homeschooling – our children – front and center. I know some of my deepest spiritual and personal growth have come from showing up for this homeschooling gig, day after day, year after year – however, sometimes I forget the bigger picture and these reflections help me remember.

You can find my all-time favorite advice for getting started or re-started here. It is simple and doable and I go back to it a couple of times every year!!

Thanks for spending part of your day with me. Again, I’m glad you’re here. ♥S

PS. I’ll be moderating the comments at Simple Homeschool, and as always, I’d love to know your thoughts. Here is the full link

Images and Impressions


I am slowly and gently processing my trip to Wyoming. I don’t have many words of my own yet, but I do have photos and a poem. If you would like a few visual impressions, click to see my flickr album.  If you want a glimpse into my emotional state, read the poem below. I’ll have a guest post here on Friday, and hopefully some Wyoming reflections next week. Hope September is treating you kindly. S


Do not
Want to step so quickly
Over a beautiful line on God’s palm
As I move through the earth’s
I do not want to touch any object in this world
Without my eyes testifying to the truth
That everything is
My Beloved.
Something has happened
To my understanding of existence
That now makes my heart always full of wonder
And kindness.
I do not
Want to step so quickly
Over this sacred place on God’s body
That is right beneath your
Own foot
As I
Dance with
Precious life
- Hafiz, “Today”

Tucking these words in my pocket . . .



Brave your way on. 
You are a blessing waiting 
to be discovered by yourself. 
The wisdom waits in your heart 
like a buried treasure which 
only loving your self can 
bring to the surface. And 
yes, loving your self is like 
diving to the bottom of the 
ocean with nothing but who 
you are to find your way.

Mark Nepo, “The Dive”



I’m off in the morning. See you back here the second week in September! S